I am going to Share My knowledge, How to create Cyclic Dimension in Qliksense. We can Create Cyclic Dimension in Qliksense Using QsVariable Extension and without Extension also there is a way. In this Blog, I am going to discuss both ways.

Cyclic Dimension by using Filter Pane
To see the New Visitors by Date, Year, Quarter and Month need to follow the below steps.

Step 1:
Create one inline table in the script for Cyclic Dimension after your data load based on which fields do you want to create as Cyclic Group like below:
load * inline [

Step 2:
Load the data and go to app overview and create a chart by taking


Sum([New Visitors])

Step 3:
Take Cyclic_dimension field in Filter Pane. To sort the Order of Fields use below Sort Expression at Filter Pane Properties. Go to Sorting > Custom > Sort by expression

Step 4:
To Change the Chart Title based on Field Name selection in the Filter Pane use below Expression
Go to Chart Properties > Appearance > General > Show Titles-On> Title

='New Visitors by '&' '&if(GetSelectedCount(Cyclic_dimension )=0,'Date',
if(Only(Cyclic_dimension )='Year','Year',
if(Only(Cyclic_dimension )='Quarter','Quarter',
if(Only(Cyclic_dimension )='Month','Month'

Cyclic Dimension by using QsVariable Extension:

To see the New Visitors by Date, Year, Quarter and Month using QsVariable extension need to follow the below steps.

Step 1:
Download and install the QsVariable extension from Qlik Branch.
Desktop Users Copy and Paste the Extension under below folders:
  1. C:\Users\bsbi\Documents\Qlik\Examples\Extensions
  2. C:\Users\bsbi\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Extensions\Templates
Server Users Go to QMC > Extensions > Import QsVariable Zip Folder.

Step 2:
Create a Variable named vDimension in the variable editor and assign the default dimension i.e., Date as the first dimension in the button and click on save.

Step 3:
Drag and Drop QS Variable extension named Variable into the sheet and select a Created variable named vDimension from the Drop down and select Show as Button, Style as Qlik.

Step 4:

Then go to the values section assign each dimension by clicking on Add Alternative between the single colon ('Date'). without a single colon, it won’t work. Give the labels as you wish.

Step 5:
Now Drag and drop chart into Sheet. Under Dimension add created variable =$(vDimension) and assign the label as =vDimension for dynamic labels like below

Step 6: Under Measure add Sum ([New Visitors])
Step 7: Now for Dynamic Titles go to General > Click on Title > enter this expression> ='$(vDimension)' &'-'& 'New Visitors'

Now by clicking on each button, the corresponding dimension related Trend will be visible in the Chart.