I am going to Introduce Picasso Designer Extension and its usage in this blog.

Why Picasso Designer?
Picasso Designer is an extension to aid building complex charts based on the Picasso.JS library without having to write any code or understand the Picasso JSON structure. The extension also provides support for selections against the chart for the expected user experience in Qlik Sense.

Where to download Picasso Designer Extension?
  1. To download Picasso Designer refer the below link.
2. To get the correct approved version download from the releases page (file: aePicassoChart.zip) and install directly into Qlik Sense.

Qlik Sense Desktop Users: Copy the unzip Extension under below folder C:\Users\bsbi\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Extensions\Templates
Qlik Sense Enterprise Users: Import the Extension Zip into QMC.

How to create Charts in Picasso Designer Extension?
  1. To create the Charts in