Over 91% of the data created around the world occurred in the last two years. According to IBM, every day we create over 2.5 quintillions bytes of data. These data originates from the different activities that we are involved in daily such as posting a 1 hour video on YouTube, posting pictures on social media, shopping on an ecommerce website, gathering weather forecast information or LTE signals to mention a few. Most of these data can be categorized into structured and unstructured data. Structured data is any information that can be stored in a database, while unstructured data is information that has not yet been placed (stored) in a database.

Official reports by NASSCOM states that structured data only accounts for 10% of all the data on the internet, while over 80% of the data remain unstructured. Most organizations need to structure data in order for them to make wise and correct decisions for better business growth and success, hence the need for a platform to structure data. Initially, there was no platform to analyze and structure data until the map reduce framework which was developed by google came into existence. This framework was later built upon and developed further by Apache, which came out with a better alternative called “Hadoop”. Hadoop offered a sophisticated tool to analyze data and present meaningful information that helped businesses take better decisions.

Why Big Data “Hadoop”?

Big data means really big data that cannot be processed by ordinary computer processes. Hadoop is the primary platform used for structuring and formatting big data into a useful and helpful form. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using Hadoop in your organization.
Process Big data: Hadoop can process and store big data quickly.

Predict Customer Behavior: Big data can be used to predict customer behavior. This would enable companies to specifically target the needs of their buyers, leading to more sales.

Get to know your customers and serve them tailored adverts that meets their needs as well as manufacture innovative products.
Understand your competition better and create new markets for your company using the data analyzed from Hadoop.Benefits of hiring us:
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