The comparison of SAP Business Object, Qlikview and Tableau provides you a way to choose the best among these three.

Here are the few reasons which make the SAP Business Object best.

Integrated Security

Security is the major thing to consider in the Business Intelligence. SAP BO implements security by dynamically restricting the data which is returned by the query. It also provides built-in universe security to restrict the access for the particular object.

Maintenance/change management

It is the important advantage of SAP BO. In case the data model of any of upstream system changes, we can modify the universe to reflect the changes without changing the downstream reports or analytics.


Here we list few things which show why the Qlikview is the best.

Single application platform

As all the Organization's BI need, Qlikview is a single application platform. It provides all the Demos and proof of concepts. All the insights needed by the clients will be available within a minute.

Training is simple

Training is important for using any software. Qlikview is the best tool and fastest process. Training in Qlikview is very simple and takes the simplest tool to use. Thus, training is very simple.

Low development cost

Cost is another important factor while choosing the software. In considering the Qlikview, it is the best software for cost which is half the amount of all other traditional BI software. Thus, the software comes with less cost compared to all the other BI software.


It is the best software for Business Intelligence for the following things.

Free Desktop Tableau Reader

Tableau provides the free desktop Tableau Reader which makes the server-less distribution of Data Visualizations with the full Desktop experience and also an ultimate size of datasets that is 64 built-in memory.


It is done over years and keeping out space with other Data Visualization vendors. Even with the super-successful Qlikview. This software has the widest and more support of Data Sources compared with their competition.
It is beautiful and fast. That is we can decide In-memory analytics or live connections.


Considering the negative parts of the software, we can get a conclusion which is best among the three tools.

SAP BO has disadvantages like

Quite Expensive
Requires a Number of Servers
Not Business User-Friendly.

QLIKVIEW has disadvantages like

Difficult to integrate with GIS data
Struggles for multidimensional support
Tableau and OLAP have better excel than Qlikview.

TABLEAU has disadvantages like

Hard to integrate with social media
No predictive analytical capability
Difficult to customize and integrate with other apps


Since all the 3 software has the negative side, each software is best at their unique task.
If you are looking for "safe-choice", running complex queries, getting a highly scalable solution, you can choose Business object.
If you are looking to build beautiful, graphical analysis and dashboards, you can afford Tableau, which is superior at refreshable analysis.
To implement in less time Qlikview is the best. Compared to Tableau, Qlikview is the best in this case. Also, it has larger partner network than all alternatives.