BSBI Solutions delivers excellent performance and continuously works to improve their services in order to remain vigilant and relevant as a top business solutions company.  

To add value to any business or organization, we use only the best and innovative technological solutions to deliver custom application design and development solutions. Our professional team of IT experts are experienced and proficient with the latest technologies in hardware and software programming. We use the newest, innovative and up-to-date technologies for a range of different markets which include Manufacturing, Banking and Retail, the Public Sector and plenty more. Our BSBI team enables clients reduce costs and deliver effective products and services on time and efficiently.

We have been tried, tested and proven for the following solutions:


Business Intelligence and Analytics 

We work with numerous clients to support and create processes and infrastructure necessary to optimize Business Intelligence and analytics. We use the most appropriate methods to gather, store, analyze and report data so that businesses are able to use and convert that data into useful information that helps make accurate decisions and improves business practices.

Performance Reporting and Dashboard and Design 

Performance Reporting and Dashboard Design are crucial at helping businesses collect and maintain in-depth insights about the performance of their businesses by converting raw data into useful information and knowledge in a concise and clear manner. BSBI will help you design and develop state-of-the art dashboards and reports.

SAP Upgrade and Migration 

Our team of highly experienced professionals here at BSBI will design and develop timely and cost-effective upgrade plans that are within your schedule and budget. We do on-site SAP upgrade and Migration as well as provide support and training to your internal staff after completion.

SAP Implementation and Support 

At BSBI, our team of highly experienced consultants remove the complexity from your SAP business procedures and empower you to maximize SAP investments for long-term businesses accomplishment. SAP Implementation and Upgrades are done under the supervision of experienced project managers and domain experts. We have a full transparency policy that provides a complete schedule and cost control throughout the entire project. We surpass expectations in the technologies, methodologies and tools that we deliver, and these minimize the overall cost of ownership while maximizing returns on investments of your SAP solutions.

In addition to these, we also offer vital user training alongside application and technical support through the whole of implementation.

These following are benefits of our consulting services:

  • SAP Implementation and Upgrades are cost-effective and will save you a lot of money from staffing and training services.
  • Increase revenue generation through the improvement of office processes as well as an increase in online sales
  • Will save you a lot of time and allow you to focus on the core functions and objectives of the business
  • Partnering with IT departments to update skills and vital knowledge
  • Help your organization or business turn raw data into useful information and knowledge as well as enable the tight integration of business systems, data and processes
  • Greatly reducing the cost of technology by utilizing off-the-shelf, cost-effective and Open Source technologies and extending the lifespan of existing solutions.



The following are How Our Application Development Solutions Work:


  • We only employ and retain highly qualified analysts who have a full understanding of the goals and technical challenges that businesses face
  • We always maintain a software portfolio to make sure that we provide our clients with the perfect blend of services and products to meet their unique business needs
  • We use product based solutions as well as a combination of off-shore and on-shore development teams to lower costs and reduce deployment downtime.