Data Migration is the process of transferring data between storage types, systems or formats. It typically occurs during the upgrade of existing hardware or through transfer to a completely new application. In the ETL (Extract-Transformation-Loading) process, Data Migration always requires at least Extract and Load steps.

At BSBI Consulting Solution, we assist clients in designing and delivering a comprehensive Data Migration strategy. We analyse client data before cleansing, monitoring, controlling and transferring data from one source system to another. We specialise in providing Data Migration strategies, services and solutions through number of ETL tools like SAP Data Services, SSIS, and Informatica.

We use innovative and time-tested methods to keep you in total control of your major business objectives. At the same time, we work to mitigate risks to ensure reliable and optimum results. Our consultants foresee the needs of your business, and will work to lower your overhead and reduce your dependence on external consultants.